Good to know

Alcohol on Board

Duty-free alcoholic beverages can be purchased on board. These will be delivered to your cabin/suite on the last day of the cruise. If you have a special occasion to celebrate on board, you are welcome to bring your own drinks. If you wish to enjoy these drinks in a restaurant or bar on board, a corkage fee will be charged to your onboard account. Guests under the age of 18 are prohibited from purchasing and consuming alcohol on board. In U.S. waters, this age limit increases to 21 years in accordance with local laws.

Onboard Contacts

Our staff at the reception (Purser's Office) will gladly assist you with general questions on board. Additionally, colleagues from the Tour Office are available to help with the booking of shore excursions or special arrangements at various ports of call. For our German-speaking guests, a German-speaking guest service (Host/Hostess) is also available to assist you with any questions.

Medical Care / Pregnancy / Medications / Seasickness

Cunard ships are equipped with a modern hospital to provide medical assistance in case of illness or accidents. The facilities are not intended for the continuation of pre-existing illnesses at the start of the journey. If you require special medical care, please inquire in writing with the shipping company before booking. There is no dialysis station on board. Due to the limited scope of onboard services and the not always immediately available medical care on land, it is a requirement for pregnancy that at the time of disembarkation, the 23rd week of pregnancy must not be exceeded. All pregnant women must carry a certificate from their doctor or midwife confirming the health of the mother and unborn child, as well as travel suitability. A certificate must also be provided stating that it is not a high-risk pregnancy, and the expected due date must be confirmed in writing. An appropriate fee will be charged for medical treatments on board and will be debited to your onboard account. Please ensure that any costs for medical treatments on board or abroad are covered by suitable international travel health insurance. All incurred costs of this nature must be paid directly by the traveler on site.

If, unexpectedly, you become seriously ill during your trip and cannot continue the cruise, we will accompany you off the ship at the next port and place you in the care of our port agent. On land, a Cunard representative will contact you and provide further assistance upon request.

If you need medications, we strongly recommend transporting them in your carry-on luggage in their original packaging. Additionally, bring an extra supply of your medications on the journey to be prepared for unforeseen events. If you are undergoing medical treatment for a serious illness, please carry a current report from your treating doctor with relevant information. If you need to bring medical aids, other devices, or syringes on board, please inform Cunard as early as possible before departure. Cunard ships are equipped with stabilizers to ensure a smooth ride. If you still notice symptoms of seasickness, you can receive treatment at the hospital. Medications for seasickness are sold at the reception (Purser's Office).

Port Stay Times

Generally, arrival at a port occurs in the morning between 6:00 and 10:00. Departure usually takes place on the same day between 16:00 and 20:00. The approximate port stay times for your journey are outlined in the itinerary and on your booking confirmation. Please note that port stay times can change at any time, even at short notice. All booked guests will be informed promptly of any such changes.

Disembarkation / Transfers

Through your cabin steward, you will receive the necessary departure and disembarkation information from the Tour Office well before the end of the journey. It will detail the disembarkation process. Your cabin steward will also provide you with colored luggage tags, which you should attach to each of your pieces of luggage. We strongly recommend transporting fragile items, valuables, and medications in your carry-on luggage.

Before retiring to your cabin/suite for the last night, please place your packed suitcases and bags (excluding carry-on, fragile items, or valuables) in the hallway outside your cabin/suite. These will be collected overnight and made ready for disembarkation and customs clearance on land.

Before leaving your cabin/suite, please double-check to ensure you have taken all personal items with you. Also, check the safe. Cunard does not assume liability for any personal items left behind.

Upon leaving the ship, a Cunard representative will guide you to a section of the arrival terminal where luggage collection takes place. The luggage is sorted according to the colored luggage tags given to you before disembarkation. Typically, you will be asked to identify your luggage and proceed to customs clearance. Since many suitcases and bags look similar, please ensure that you are indeed receiving your own luggage and there is no confusion. Once you have collected your luggage and exited the cruise terminal, you will be directed to the area where buses, taxis, and limousines are waiting.

If you have booked Cunard's arrival and departure arrangements or a transfer from the ship to the airport through Cunard, uniformed Cunard representatives will guide you to the respective departure points. If you plan to be picked up by family or friends at the disembarkation port, please be aware that due to immigration and customs clearance, it may take up to four hours after the ship's official arrival time before you can reunite.

Bank / Payment Methods / Credit Cards / Onboard Credit

The official currency on Cunard ships is the US Dollar. If you complete the online check-in for the ship before the journey, you will be asked to register a credit card during this process. All onboard expenses will be settled through this card via your onboard account. If you do not complete the online check-in and check in at the cruise terminal, your onboard account will be set up there. All personal expenses on the ship (e.g., in shops, at the bar) will be charged to your account with your signature. If you register your credit card during embarkation, the settlement of the onboard account can be done directly through the credit card. During check-in, you will be asked to register your credit card by entering your four-digit PIN. The PIN is required for credit cards with a golden chip on their front. For credit cards that do not have a PIN, registration is usually still possible. For security reasons, your credit card will not be taken out of your sight during registration, and your credit card details will not be stored in any of our systems. At the time of registration, an authorization of $100 USD will be made on your credit card by your credit card provider so that an onboard account can be opened for you. Only if your onboard expenses exceed $100 USD will additional authorizations be made daily at your credit card provider. If less than $100 USD is spent, the difference will be credited back to your credit card. The following credit cards are accepted: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Diners Club, and American Express. Please confirm the acceptance of your credit card with Cunard before departure, and also ensure that your credit card is authorized for US Dollars during the travel period (USA). If you do not register a credit card, you will make a cash deposit on your onboard account after embarkation at the reception (Purser's Office). The onboard account must always have a balance. In this case, you must visit the reception (Purser's Office) at the end of your cruise to settle your onboard account. Regardless of the payment method, a detailed statement for review will be delivered to your cabin/suite before the end of the journey. The following payment methods cannot be accepted: prepaid credit cards (e.g., Kalixa), Switch/Maestro, Visa Electron, and Solo cards, bank and traveler's checks, as well as €500 bills. Additionally, no transfers to the ships can be made. You can exchange the most common foreign currencies on board in small amounts. Please inquire at the reception (Purser's Office) for details. For countries you will be visiting during the journey, it is advisable to obtain smaller amounts of the respective foreign currencies before the trip. Otherwise, you do not need cash on board.

We advise you to inform your credit card provider about the trip before the journey begins and alert them that your usage behavior may change during this period. If the charges on your onboard account exceed $100 USD during the journey, plus any onboard credit, regular authorizations will be made at your credit card provider. These authorizations remain on your credit card for up to 28 days. We recommend having unused authorizations removed by your credit card provider after the journey to avoid exceeding your credit card limit. World cruise guests are requested to settle their onboard account at the end of each leg of the journey. The exact dates will be announced on board. Only take as much cash on excursions as you need for the day. As a precaution, leave your valuables, unnecessary money, and credit cards in the safe in your cabin/suite.

If you have received onboard credit for your journey, it will be credited to your onboard account on the first morning of the trip. Onboard credit is non-transferable, cannot be paid out in cash, used in the casino, exchanged for currency, used to settle medical bills, as part of charitable events, or for the purchase of medications, future trips, or visas. This also applies to gift credit.

Special Occasions

A journey with Cunard is truly special. It's not surprising that many guests want to celebrate an important occasion on board. Whether it's a birthday, anniversary, or honeymoon, a Cunard ship provides an ideal setting to celebrate a special day. Cunard offers suitable gift items for such occasions, ranging from flower arrangements, chocolates, excellent wines and champagnes to spa treatments, classic souvenirs, and gifts for children.

Visitors on Board

If you wish to bid farewell to your family and friends, this can only be done before check-in. Due to strict security measures, we regret that visitors are not allowed on board at any time, neither during embarkation nor disembarkation, nor at any port of call. This regulation is in the interest of the safety of all guests and crew.

Library / Bookstore

A wide selection of international literature is available on all ships. Borrowing books is free of charge.

Guide Dogs / Pets

Cunard allows guests to bring guide dogs if needed. If you require the company of an animal, you must inform Cunard at the time of booking. Depending on the country and port of call, legal regulations or customs may prohibit animals from going ashore. It is the guest's responsibility to inquire about the specific regulations of each country and to carry the necessary documents and health certificates for the animal. Guide dogs are allowed to travel in the owner's cabin/suite. Dogs and cats as pets are transported exclusively on transatlantic crossings of the Queen Mary 2. They are housed in special kennels and are not allowed in the guest areas of the ship. Transport is in accordance with international animal transport regulations and Cunard's guidelines. The allocation of a kennel is subject to meeting certain health conditions and the availability of a kennel of the required size.

For information regarding the transport of your dog or cat on the Queen Mary 2, please contact our booking department. Unfortunately, veterinary care cannot be provided on board Cunard ships.

Cunard assumes no responsibility for the health and/or well-being of an animal during its stay on board.

Shipboard News

Depending on satellite reception, you will receive the most important news from around the world in German on your cabin/suite.

Onboard Program Booklet

A listing of the onboard program in German is available in your cabin/suite every evening, allowing you to familiarize yourself with the events of the next day. The entertainment program (in English) includes informative lectures, academic and cultural sessions, aerobic classes, sports competitions, game events, concerts, musicals, theater, and movie screenings. On the Queen Mary 2, planetarium shows are also offered. On selected voyages starting and ending in Hamburg or Kiel, there is also an expanded German-language onboard program.

Board Language

The official language on Cunard ships is English, with a portion of the crew also speaking German. A German-speaking guest service (German Host/Hostess) is available to assist with your inquiries. Onboard program booklets, shipboard news, and menu cards are also available in German. The onboard television features a German-language movie channel, and the libraries offer a selection of German literature. While it is advantageous to speak English to fully enjoy the onboard program and other events and to interact with fellow passengers, German-speaking assistance is provided.

Boutiques / Duty-Free

The onboard boutiques offer suitable gifts for many occasions. Perfumes, cosmetics, jewelry, gift items, clothing, accessories, wines, spirits, and liqueurs can be purchased duty-free outside the EU. Additionally, you can find a selection of daily necessities.

Computer Training Center / Conference Center / Cunard Insights

All Cunard ships have training rooms for workshops and seminars as well as a computer training center. A variety of software is available free of charge. Under the term Cunard Insights, Cunard offers an extensive educational program. During your journey, you have the opportunity to meet various experts and speakers through lectures, Q&A sessions, discussions, and workshops. The program covers a wide range of topics, including history, current affairs, humanities, politics, art, and literature. The diverse subject areas encourage thoughtful discussion and participation.

Deck Chairs / Loungers / Towels

Deck chairs and loungers, some with cushions and blankets, as well as towels, are available for free use on deck.

Dietary Requirements

We are happy to accommodate your requests for special dietary requirements, including low-sodium, low-fat, and reduced-sugar diets, lactose-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, wheat-free, vegetarian, vegan, and kosher diets. Please note that our chefs do not have medical training and cannot provide specific advice in this regard. To inquire about other types of dietary requirements, please contact Cunard in writing before your journey. In any case, please contact your travel agency or Cunard at least six months before the start of your cruise or at the time of booking, specifying your dietary request. Onboard, please have your order confirmed by the Maître d'Hotel. Your waiter will coordinate your meal preferences with you every evening for the following day.

Electrical Devices on Board

Cabins/suites are equipped with 3-pin sockets (British format) and 2-pin sockets (American/European format). It is advisable to bring a universal adapter.


A team of professional photographers takes pictures on board the ships and ashore during the journey. You can view these pictures every evening in the photo gallery and purchase them if interested. Additionally, you can schedule a personal appointment for portrait shots. You also have the option to print your own pictures on board.

Lost and Found

If you have left items on board, please fill out our email form on our contact page and select "Lost and Found" as the subject. Make sure to fill out all fields. We will contact you within four to eight weeks to inform you whether your item has been found or not.

Please note that due to the volume of lost and found items, as well as for safety and hygiene reasons, only the following items will be returned:

  • Jewelry, binoculars, or watches (found in the cabin)

  • Electronic items, including tablets, e-readers, computers, laptops with/without chargers, cameras, camcorders, mobile phones, chargers (found with an electronic item)

  • Handbags (unattended luggage), clutch bags, wallets, and purses (found in the cabin with an identifiable item inside)

Passports, unless contacted by the ship on the day of departure, will be immediately handed over to the relevant consulate office.

If possible, items found on board that cannot be assigned to a guest will be brought ashore to be returned to the owner if identified. All other lost and found items will be appropriately disposed of on board after the end of the voyage.

How long does it take to return lost and found items?

Depending on the ship's location and when items reach the shore, it may take at least eight weeks for our team to receive, catalog, and dispatch found items. International shipping times may vary. Please note that an administrative fee will be charged to cover administrative and postage costs.

Personal pickup of items is only possible by appointment.

What happens to unclaimed lost and found items?

Items will be stored on land for approximately three months. If they are not claimed, we reserve the right to dispose of the items or donate them to approved charitable organizations.

Future Cruise Credit (FCC)

If you have used an existing FCC for your affected booking, it will be refunded to your Cunard guest account. If the value of the used FCC was less than the contractually stipulated deposit for that booking, you will receive an FCC for the actual payment made (limited to the required deposit amount). Payments made beyond the contractual deposit amount are converted to an FCC at 100%.

How can I apply the Future Cruise Credit and what for?

FCCs can be applied to any new booking for a cruise that is on sale at the time of booking. They can be used for all pricing models of Cunard voyages, subject to availability at the time of booking. If the cost of the new cruise is higher than the FCC, guests only pay the difference. Guests can also use their FCC to upgrade their existing booking, such as upgrading their cabin or suite category, or changing the selected pricing model underlying their booking. In this case, guests should contact their travel agency or, in the case of direct bookings, contact Cunard Reservations. FCCs are insured for the amount of payments made. Guests can also use their Future Cruise Credit to cover Cunard-booked hotel expenses, flight upgrade costs, or separate transfer costs.

All new bookings that have applied an FCC are subject to Cunard's General Terms and Conditions, including our cancellation policies. Once an FCC has been applied to a new booking, in the event of cancellation of that booking by the guest, a possible refund will be made in the form of an FCC, but deducted with any applicable cancellation fees and only for the amount used in the booking.

If you choose not to accept the FCC or wish to revert the FCC, you can request a refund of your payments made at any time.* A refund will only be made for the amount of payments actually made, not for any additional FCC granted. Please use the Online Refund Form for this purpose. Requests for a refund of the travel price can only be made using the online form.

To apply your Future Cruise Credit, please contact your travel agency or our reservations department. You can also redeem the Future Cruise Credit when booking online. Details can be found [here](link to details).

*Except for non-refundable FCCs.

Onboard Attire

During the day, you are appropriately dressed in a casual style everywhere on board, according to your taste. The atmosphere becomes more elegant in the evenings.

We kindly ask our guests to choose elegant attire every evening from 6:00 PM for visits to most bars, restaurants, and other venues with events. On Gala Evenings, you are invited to dress especially festively to celebrate the end of the day with us. Typically, within seven days on board, there are two or three of these special Gala Evenings.

Smart Attire We ask gentlemen to wear elegant trousers with a shirt and jacket, optionally with a tie. Ladies are welcome in skirts or stylish trousers with a blouse, dresses, and other classically elegant combinations.

Gala Evenings Our Gala Evenings are very festive. Gentlemen wear dinner jackets, tuxedos, or a dark suit with a tie or bowtie. Ladies shine in evening or cocktail dresses, suits, or other suitable attire.

If you prefer to spend the evening in a more casual atmosphere, various dining and entertainment options are available. Casual attire is always welcome in the buffet restaurant, Golden Lion Pub, Carinthia Lounge, Winter Garden, Garden Lounge, Yacht Club, and G32 (information on casual alternatives on board the Queen Anne will be published at a later date). Elegant jeans are also acceptable, but we request that shorts, sportswear, and swimwear, as well as sleeveless T-shirts (for gentlemen), be worn only in the fitness center, spa, and on deck.

The number of Gala Evenings may be changed on board for organizational reasons.

Land Attire

Depending on your chosen route, you will need clothing adapted to the climatic conditions on land. Please also consider that in many countries, it is customary to dress with covered shoulders and knees when visiting temples, tombs, and churches. Men should wear long trousers. It is recommended to always carry a light rain jacket and an umbrella on trips, as well as comfortable, sturdy shoes for sightseeing tours. Eyeglass wearers should have a spare pair of glasses with them.