World Cruise

With Cunard's four Queens, you can experience the most beautiful places in the world up close. Whether it's Asian temples, African desert landscapes, remnants of ancient cultures in Europe and South America, or island paradises in the South Seas - Cunard takes you on various routes to the greatest attractions around the globe. Partial routes can also be booked.

World Cruise: Exclusivity & Style with Cunard Line

There are journeys that can change a whole life, and among them is a cruise around the world with Cunard. Explore distant lands, discover the metropolises of the world, and experience the diversity of cultures up close. All these wishes and longings are fulfilled on a world cruise with one of Cunard's Queens in luxury and style. Let yourself be enchanted by the cultural treasures and the richness of our planet. It is a great pleasure for us to take you into a world full of extraordinary adventures and experiences.

Tradition at Cunard – World Cruises since 1922

World cruises and transatlantic cruises have a long tradition at Cunard. Since 1870, the company has been regularly taking its guests on voyages across the Atlantic. A special journey with historical charm that continues to captivate guests today, just as it did in the past. On November 21, 1922, pioneer Samuel Cunard reached the milestone of exploring the entire world. The Laconia II, as the first passenger ship ever, departed from the New York Harbor for a cruise around the world. In 2022, we are celebrating an amazing anniversary: 100 years of world cruising. Since the first world cruise in 1922, Cunard has undertaken more world cruises than any other shipping company, providing most passengers with an incredible journey around the globe. This rich treasure of experience is incorporated into our meticulous route planning to offer you your very own dream journey.

How much time does it take for a world cruise?

With Cunard's four Queens, you'll experience the most beautiful places on Earth up close. Asian temples, African desert landscapes, remnants of ancient cultures in Europe and South America, or the island paradises of the South Seas - Cunard takes you to the greatest attractions around the globe. You have the choice between a classic world cruise or partial routes to specific regions. Our World Cruises 2025 leave no desires unfulfilled. The Queen Anne embarks on her first world cruise in 2025. Enjoy powdery white sandy beaches during her cruise through the South Pacific. Try the famous Asian street food in Singapore. Explore the metropolises of New York, Sydney, and Dubai during particularly long overnight stays.

The Queen Victoria sets out on a South American adventure. In 85 nights, you'll explore the most beautiful destinations in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, and Peru, departing and returning to Hamburg. Finally, cross the Panama Canal before heading towards Europe after a stop in Bermuda.

For those with less time, the partial routes of the classic world cruise are open. We are happy to advise you in detail on these routes as well as on pre- and post-cruise programs on land in combination with one of Cunard's cruises.

Luxuriously Satisfy Your Wanderlust with a World Cruise from Cunard Line

A world cruise with the elegant fleet is an incomparable experience. Even from a distance, our cruise ships are unmistakable. The midnight blue hull, the snow-white decks, and the distinctive red and black chimney testify to the luxurious style and uniqueness of our ships. The unparalleled Cunard ambiance gives our guests the feeling of being part of a special, exclusive experience. Cunard world cruises are tailor-made for those who want to get more out of their cruise. On our cruises, you will undoubtedly gain more unforgettable impressions, make more new acquaintances, and collect more precious memories than with any other shipping company.

A world cruise by ship has many advantages. Enjoy your escape from everyday life in a luxurious environment and relax thoroughly in your sea refuge. Comfort and enjoyment on board and ashore are by no means neglected. The most professional crew in today's maritime industry with the famous White Star Service takes care of every concern and is always eager to exceed your expectations. Feel like a globetrotter and at the same time, enjoy a piece of home at sea. On Cunard ships, there are numerous offers and services for our German-speaking guests. Embark on your personal adventure with us - be it in Asia, Oceania, South America, Africa, or the Indian Ocean. We look forward to inspiring you aboard our ships and the incomparable world of Cunard.