Onboard regulations

In order to make you feel comfortable on board, we have put together some important onboard regulations. They will help you to be ready for all eventualities during your cruise.

Currency / Methods of payment / Credit cards / Onboard credit

The official currency on board is the US dollar. Upon embarkation, an onboard account will be created automatically so that you can pay cashless with your board card.

If you indicate you credit card details upon embarkation, the onboard account will be charged to your credit card. The following credit cards will be accepted: Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club, American Express. If you don't want to indicate your credit card details, you have to deposit 300 USD.

If you have booked the Premium Rate, you will generally get a non-transferable onboard credit. This onboard credit can't be used for medical treatments on board, at the casino and for booking future cruises on board.

Child care

For children and youths between the age of 2 and 17 there are complimentary programs accompanied by trained educators.


During the day we recommend a classic casual attire (including shorts, elegant jeans etc.). At the main restaurants, swimwear and shorts are not allowed. The highlights of each Cunard cruise are the elegant evenings on board. Special recommendations regarding the dress-code for these evenings will be given in the onboard magazine.

There are elegant and casual evenings on board. If you prefer to wear a casual attire during the entire duration of the cruise, the buffet restaurant is the perfect place for you.

Soft Drinks Package

Our soft drinks package includes Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Lemonade, Soda, Tonic Water (from the soda gun only) & fruit juices (Orange, Apple, Grapefruit, Pineapple, Tomato & Cranberry) for $6.50 a day (+15% gratuity charge). 

You can purchase this package once on board and the package is for the duration of your cruise. Available on cruises beginning at 5 days. 

Soft Drinks Option - Price per person/day 10 USD (incl. 15% service charge)
Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Lemonade, Soda, Tonic Water (beverage dispenser), selected Fruit juices (e.g. Orange, Apple, Grapefruit, Pineapple, Tomato & Cranberry)

Coffee Card

A coffee card is available to pre-purchase at a cost of $40 which allows guests, 10 regular coffees once on board (Speciality lattes, liqueur coffees, hot chocolate, extra flavours/toppings, larger sizes are not included) 

Speciality Hot Drinks - Price per person/day 12,50 USD (incl. 15% service charge)

Illy coffee specialities, Tea Forté tea specialities and hot chocolates.

Premium Soft Drinks - Price per person/day 30 USD (incl. 15% service charge)

Soft drinks, small water bottles, freshly squeezed juices, hot drinks, non-alcoholic cocktails.

Beers, Wines & Spirits Option - Price per person/day 70 USD (incl. 15% service charge)

Wine in a glass, spirits, liqueurs and cocktails up to 11 USD per order, plus all the benefits of the Premium Soft Drinks Package. 

Wine Packages

Various wine packages and World Voyage Wine Collections are available to book before your cruise or once you arrive on board (15% gratuity is included in these prices). 

Wine packages can be consumed either in the restaurant or in your cabin. Please note loyalty discount will not be applied when purchasing wine packages.

Wine Collections - Price from 299 USD (incl. 15% service charge)

Our sommeliers have put together a selection of special wines from all over the world. The "Wine Packages" can be booked either directly on board or beforehand. The wine packages are available in 6, 12, 24 or 48 bottles in two different quality categories. Each level (Captain's Collection, Commodore's Collection) offers a list of different wines. 

Wine Tasting

Wine Tasting is available from $35.00* per person. Chief Sommeliers on board create wine tasting packages which are influenced by the cruise and itinerary and will be subject to availability. For more information, please contact reception once on board.


At your cabin there are 220 V (European) and 110 V (American) connections. Nonetheless, we recommend to take a universal travel adapter.


Cunard will not automatically charge gratuities to the on-board account for passengers travelling. Passengers are free to tip cabin and restaurant stewards. Gratuities are welcome, but are not expected. If you still want to reward the entire hotel team on board with a tip, you will find a form in the cabin which can be handed in at Purser's Office on request.

Room service

Our complimentary room service is available round the clock (except the morning of debarkation). You will find an order form at your cabin.

Smoking on board

All public spaces as well as the cabins and balconies are non-smoking areas. Smoking is only allowed in designated areas on deck and under deck.


With our on board WI-Fi, it’s easy to get online 24 hours a day and stay in contact with family and friends using your laptop, iPad/table, iPhone/smart phone, or use one of our computers in the Library.

Assistance is available in ConnXions 1, Deck with the Guest Computer Services Manager, the Library on Decks 2 and 3 with the Librarians or at the Purser’s Desk on Deck 1 with the Receptionists.

Wi-Fi is available in public areas throughout the ship but unfortunately connection in staterooms is not always guaranteed. Please take into account that the internet access is significantly slower via satellite and is not guaranteed tob e available at all times due to disruption from weather and physical obstructions. Cunard does not guarantee privacy or data security.

Please ensure cellular (mobile) data and data roaming are switched off so that there is no conflict.

Good to know:

WiFi is available in most areas of the ship 24 hours a day.

Internet access via satellite is much slower than on land and not always available due to weather conditions or various obstructions, such as mountains. Cunard does not guarantee data protection.

Please check the signal strength before logging in. If you do not have a full signal, it is advisable to move to another area with stronger signal reception. In the cabins you may have to leave the door ajar. If you are using WiFI on a cell phone or tablet equipped with a SIM card, make sure that (mobile) data and roaming are turned off.

Introducing "Cunard Guest Wi-Fi"

Staying connected couldn't be easier. From now on you can easily stay connected with our new high-speed satellite internet "Cunard Guest Wi-Fi" onboard. Starting at $15 per 24 hours, our enhanced internet service will be available on Queen Mary 2, Queen Elizabeth and Queen Victoria, offering our guests a choice of daily packages to suit their needs.



Price per 24 hour

Price per 24 hours per full voyage

Essential Internet

- Web browsing 

- Email 

- Music streaming 

- Social Media text & images 



Premium Internet

- All services of the Essential Plan 

+ Video streaming 
+ 3x fast connection



Guests will be able to purchase internet plans at any time during their voyage by opening a browser on their device, logging on to the ship's Wi-Fi and following the instructions. Alternatively, they can visit the on board Library or ConneXions (QM2 only) where there will always be someone to give them a helping hand to connect to the internet.

Cunard World Club members benefit


Stay Connected (Current)

Cunard Guest Wi-Fi (New)


$45 internet credit

$45 internet credit


$80 internet credit

$80 internet credit


$135 internet credit

$135 internet credit

Cunard World Club members will continue to receive the same amount of internet credit as they do today and they will be able to redeem this against the new plans.