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Seabourn - the cruise line for discerning travelers!

With a total of 7 ships, including two specially designed expedition ships, Seabourn offers a unique experience at sea. Seabourn's guests are travel savvy and appreciate the luxury it offers. For us, the focus is on high standards of service and cuisine.

What particularly sets Seabourn apart is its yacht character. Instead of a traditional cruise, Seabourn offers you an intimate atmosphere and the comfort of an exclusive yacht. The ships are designed to give you a personal and relaxed journey.

Seabourn places great value on extraordinary routes and takes cruise vacationers to small ports, which are often not visited by large cruise ships. This gives you the opportunity to travel off the beaten path and explore undiscovered places.

Go on an unforgettable journey with Seabourn where** luxury, service and culinary delights** are the focus. Discover the world in a very special way.

Sh Vega
Sh Ve 20220714 Zodiac Near 4958 45 Mp J H12
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Sh Ve 20220714 Suite Premium Architecture 3882 45 Mp J H12 Swan Hellenic Vega
Sh Ve 20220714 Observation Lounge Architecture 3089 45 Mp J H12