Loyalty Club - Cunard World Club

Passengers who travel with Cunard on a regular basis will become members of the Cunard World Club automatically and get attractive benefits. You become a member after the completion of your first cruise. The more you travel with Cunard, the more benefits you get. Benefits include special offers and discounts, complimentary internet packages, preferred embarkation and debarkation or an invitation to a cocktail party.

The level corresponds to the number of cruises with Cunard or the number of nights that you have spent on board:

Silver Level: After the first cruise

Cunard World Club onboard credit
  • Special offers and discounts

  • Special support on board

Gold Level: After the second cruise or 20 nights at sea

  • All benefits of the Silver Level

  • Pin (will be handed over during the first cruise after reaching the Gold Level)

  • Internet package (2 hours)

  • Invitation to a cocktail party on board (cruises from 6 nights)

Platinum Level: After the seventh cruise or 70 nights at sea

  • All benefits of the Gold Level

  • Pin (will be handed over during the first cruise after reaching the Platinum Level)

  • Internet package (4 hours)

  • 20% discount on cleaning services

  • Preferred embarkation & Check-In at New York and Southampton

  • Exclusive debarkation lounge

  • Complimentary wine testing

  • Invitation to the Senior Officer's Party (cruises from 6 nights)

Diamond Level: After the fifteenth cruise or 150 nights at sea

  • All benefits of the Platinum Level

  • Pin (will be handed over after reaching the Diamond Level)

  • Preferred appointments at the Voyage Sales Team on Board 

  • Internet package (8 hours)

  • Preferred debarkation

  • Complimentary dish at one of our alternative restaurants (cruises from 5 nights; reservation required; Cunard will bear the costs including tips for a taster menu, excluding drinks)

In order to enjoy the benefits, you must indicate your membership number upon reservation. The membership can't be transferred to other passengers. All benefits are subject to availability and can be changed at short notice. In addition, you must have already reached the minimum number of cruises or nights on board before departure. There is no status change during a cruise.